The German coach avouched that Liverpool is still without the Brazilian international after he missed their first EPL game and submitted a transfer request.


Jurgen Klopp avouched there is no change concerning Coutinho’s future who requested to move to Barcelona.

Last Friday Coutinho requested a transfer move to the Catalan club and before that owner of Liverpool, Fenway sports group made it clear that they will not sell him for this season.

In their first match against Watford Coutinho missed that game for the Reds because of his back injury and most likely he will miss their Champions league play of first leg match against Hoffenheim.

The Liverpool manager thinks Coutinho’s situation is not a distraction for the club but he feels it is on the hand of Coutinho whether he will stay or not.

Klopp said: "Nothing has changed in the last few days, not on the one side or the other side,"

"He's not available for us at the moment so that's the main issue. He cannot play for Liverpool at this moment and it's quite a blow for us.

"But we've known about it for a few days so we canprepare, like we have to prepare without Adam Lallana, Daniel Sturridge who is really close, two more sessions and he'll be available for the weekend.

"The best thing would be for this team to stay together for four, five years, although I know it's quite naive to say things like that.

"I really understand that everyone's interested in this but I can't say that I'm really thinking about it at this moment.

"I didn't think on the way to this press conference, 'what can I say if they ask?'. I've said everything about it that I can say. I have no other answers."