The 49 year old German is ready to face the Portuguese but he feels he has been stringent in the first few weeks of this season and expecting a hard game on Monday night.

Jurgen Klopp has portrayed that suggestions that the Red Devils have had a impoverish start to the season as Bull****, as the he’s crew is ready to face Manchester United at Anfield on Monday.

The special one’s team is now sitting seventh in the table three points behind from Liverpool and in their last match before the international break stock City held them.

The 49 year old just recently defended the 53 year olds {Jose Mourinho} recent record at the club importunate stricture is completely unaccountable.

“It’s bulls***. No, but rubbish. Who says this? He has started badly at United?” he told reporters.

“They won their first [three] games. So now you are giving B grades for winning? I try to play similar football to now with my former team and when we faced Real Madrid it was unbelievably difficult to play them.

“He [Mourinho] knows how successful football works. To like or not like the way he plays, why should he care? Why should he care?

“How can I say who is on the way here and who is on the way there?  If I lose against Manchester United you will stand here and ask me: ‘So..what about your ways..?’ I am of course not interested and absolutely not part of the group that says Jose Mourinho was or has been a good manager.

“He is a competitor. Without knowing him well, I know he will want to win this game.”

“They are Man United and they have the quality and offensive players who are strong and quick and technically good. They have everything you need to play football.