Last season the English giants Liverpool failed to qualify for European football, but this season they are determined to get back to European football.


The Reds are determined to join the ranks of European football but he also expresses that this season they are not missing the Champions league football.

Last season they are not a position to qualify for any European trophy, they endured a tough season last season, that’s why this season they are only bound in their domestic trophies.

Last season in the Europe league final they faced a defeat from The Spanish team Sevilla and also they finish at the eighth spot on the EPL table.

But lack of European football helps them this season in their domestic league, this season they are in the title hunt with other team.

But this season  they got of tracked for some time, but now they are again standing tall against their opponents and they are desperate to get a spot in the top four on the table.

In an interview the Liverpool manager added: “Things that I don’t have, I don’t miss.

“But of course I enjoyed being in that competition a lot and that’s where we want to be.

“To achieve that we need to qualify. We didn’t qualify this season. We are working to go there as soon as possible.

“We saw this week again what a strong competition the Europa League is too. Strong teams, intense games.

“We enjoyed it last season, well we did until the last match day! We had some wonderful games in that competition.

“But of course the Champions League is THE competition. We want to be part of it. To get there we have to win a few games.”

In 27th February the Liverpool side will play their EPL match.