The Red manager Jurgen Klopp thinks his side is not far behind than the Blues than the 14 points gap between them in the EPL table.


The former Dortmund manager suggests Liverpool side is not too far behind than Chelsea despite they are 14 points aback than the Chelsea side.

This season while the Reds are fighting to secure their spot in the top four, on the other hand, Chelsea can win the league by securing their win over West Brom.

This season both the team faced other and in that, both occasions Liverpool won one match against them and drawn another.

Klopp said: "You have to look at the games we played against Chelsea,"

"We were not worse than 14 points, that is for sure, but they are experienced, cold as ice and they get the points. They play very serious and finish when they have to finish.


"We all know the gap is not that big, but the gap was big enough."

The German manager also believes injuries this season affected the Liverpool side where Chelsea was relatively healthy throughout this season.

He voiced: "Chelsea deserved the title but I've said already they had the most luck with injuries.


"Diego Costa? Did he miss one game? Eden Hazard one game? Pedro could play, Willian could play, their defensive line could play.


"You need this luck and then you go through. I don't say we could have gone through but the gap could have been closer.


"It's not just about Chelsea. You saw how we played against Tottenham. But we will all have a different season next year."