The German manager of the Liverpool side was worried last night when his side almost gave up their lead late in their clash against Watford.


Klopp avouched his crew almost gave him 500 million grey hairs by conceding a late goal against their rivals.

 Last night the German international Emery Can scored a stunning bicycle kick for the Liverpool side and gave his side a 1-0 lead and that solitary goal proves to be the winning goal of the match.

But in the last, the Watford player Sebastian Prodl struck the crossbar and that gave him a moment of worry.

Klopp voiced: "I said to the boys after the game, 'If you want to kill me, that's a good way to try.' It's crazy, it's crazy, [it gave me] 500 million grey hairs,"

"The situation tonight, we'd already defended it and then they had three players in the second post. What can you say? We tried everything for 97 minutes, but if you want [we made] this one mistake and it could've led to a goal – that's how football at the highest level is.

"We didn't play perfect, but it would've been really hard to accept. But we got them [the points] and I think the boys really deserved it."

Right now the Liverpool side is sitting at the third spot in the table and they are four points clearer than the fifth place Manchester United side though the Manchester United side has one extra game in their hand than Liverpool.

Klopp said: "We have pressure, yes – but the pressure in the end of the season, in this period, means you fight for something.

"It's a positive pressure, so we want to keep this – we want to keep this pressure high, we want to stay focused, we want to work hard and do everything for the points we can get.

"We don't expect for a second that it will be easy. If anybody here thinks we already have the three points against Southampton then you could not have seen Southampton this season because they are a really strong side. It will be another hard game for us, but it is like it is.

"Tonight, nobody can take these points away from us, so that's the best news and now we have time to work and prepare for the Southampton game."