The 49-year-old Liverpool manager thinks the Brazilian team is playing like the English giants Liverpool.


The Reds manager thinks that the new Brazilian manager Tite wants his players to play like Liverpool.

Under the new manager, the Brazilian national team resurgence themselves up and they won all the nine matches under the Brazilian manager and they are the first team to book their name in the 2018 world cup.

In the recent past, the Brazilian team hammered the Uruguay side by 4-1 goals and also they defeated the Paraguay side by 3-0 goals.

The German manager of Liverpool believes that the Brazilian team is applying the High Octane play style like Liverpool.

Today the Liverpool side will play against the Everton side in the Premier league.

Klopp said: "Tite obviously likes the way we play – we had a lot contact and I am not 100 per cent sure but I think he wants to do something similar,"

"We had a few conversations, not with him personally because we have language issues, but there is a guy in his staff who speaks English and he likes the way we play."

The Liverpool players Firminho and Coutinho were there in the Brazilian squad for their both matches against Paraguay and Uruguay.

On this Kloop added: "I know your thoughts when we started playing Roberto as number nine. Now he is playing for Brazil as a nine and that is maybe not the worst idea,"

"It was good for him and it was especially good for Phil. He scored a wonderful goal. In the second game it looked good, fluent,hopefully it is good for us on Saturday.

"If you saw the games then Roberto didn't score, but he opened nearly all the situations. It is unbelievable.

"You think how did they have that much space in and around the box and it was Roberto all over the pitch. He did a really good job.

"When I saw them I thought they would actually look tired, but they weren't. There was a really big smile on their face. From the mental side it was a big thing."