According to the Liverpool’s supremo EPL would be far from a walkover for the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.


The German coach of Liverpool believes that both the Supergiants of football Real Madrid and Barcelona would find it difficult to adjust the intensity of the EPL.

Under his wing this season the Liverpool side is sitting at the third spot on the table and they only have four games left in their hand and this would be the for the first time Reds will play Champions league football under Jurgen Klopp.

In the beginning of the season the Liverpool side started the season with flying colors and won 13 games of their 19 games and after that, they just managed to win only one solitary game in their seven games and that end their title hope this season as well.

Before Liverpool the German coach was with the Dortmund side and with them he won domestic silverwares but in the EPL till now he is unable to do that and he acknowledges that in EPL even Barcelona and Real Madrid will struggle.

In an interview he said: "Even for the great Spanish teams, it would be difficult to win the Premier League,"

"Of course, Madrid and Barca would be fighting for everything, but it would be very difficult.

"In the Premier League, nothing is certain. The intensity is very high and many things can happen in matches. There's not a single game where you can win 4-0 comfortably and rest your first XI. It doesn't exist in the Premier League. It's not possible in the Bundesliga, either, unless you're Bayern [Munich].

"Chelsea is having a great season but there are many games where they have won 1-0 and had to defend until the end. I've experienced two leagues and I can say that this one is really tough. Ask Pep [Guardiola of Manchester City], he'll say the same!

"We're up there, fighting for the Champions League positions, but I can say: five more points and everything would look different. There are a few games left and we'll fight to the utmost."

The manager is also optimistic that under him the Liverpool side can win the EPL title since 1990.

He voiced: "Of course. It's always possible. Is it likely? I don't know, but it's possible and that's enough for me,"

"There are several teams that fight for the title each season and maybe, at this moment, some have more chances than us, but I'm not interested in that.

"That's the key to this job: to find the right solutions for the problems that are presented to you. The goal is to win a competition but the fight is already exciting."