The former Manchester United captain predicts a lethal verdict on Mourinho’s first year in charge of the Red Devils side.


Roy Keane slammed the Red Devils performance this year under the Jose Mourinho and also he voiced the Manchester United manager should fell embarrassed by seeing the club’s position in the league table.

Though this season under Mourinho Manchester United has the chance of winning the Europa league and they will take down Celta Vigo in the second leg tonight at the Old Trafford.

But Roy Keane believes their performance in the EPL is very disappointing after they spent so much money in the transfer market to bring out the best players around the world.

In an interview, Keane said: “They are now sixth in the league, I think they are 19 points behind Chelsea. The manager and the players should be embarrassed by that,”

“For a club like Man United be as far behind Chelsea as they are, it’s an embarrassment.”

“With the squad they have and the players they have, the money they have spent, it’s not good enough.

“Mourinho has come up with plenty of excuses over the last few months, but there is no reason why United should shy away from dealing with these challenges.

“For a club like Man United to win the League Cup and the Europa League, with the teams that are in it, you would expect them to do that.”

The former Manchester United man believes Wayne Rooney should depart the club after the end of the season for his own good.

He voiced: “Wayne needs to be playing regularly, to keep in shape and stay on top of his game,”

“If Wayne is going to stay at United for the next year or two and play 10 or 15 games as season, it’s no good to anyone. If he is going to be a bit-part player at United then forget about it. He has got to move on.”