The Brazilian legend avouched that the former Real Madrid player Zinedine Zidane do not has any kind of intension to became the Coach of the Real Madrid side.


The former French international has followed up his wonderful playing career impact on his coaching career also as in his first year with the Real Madrid side he has won the Champions trophy.

This season under him Real Madrid is touching distance away to claim the La Liga trophy and the Champions league.

Zidane said: "When I was there, I had (Zidane) as a second coach for (Jose) Mourinho, and he started doing very good but I think it’s a big surprise for everybody,"

"He was an amazing player, and he’s smart, he’s intelligent, but the results he’s been having this season is incredible. He can win the league and he can win the Champions League, so it’s very, very good results for just two years as a professional coach. So congratulations to Zidane."

Kaka: "(Managing) is not something that i’m thinking (about) right now, but I don’t know, maybe in the future,"

"Zidane is a good example of that. When we were (at Real Madrid) we talked a lot and he told me one day that when he stopped playing he didn’t want to be a coach, he just wanted to stay with his family and enjoy life a little bit, travel around.


"And after two, three years he missed it … the field, the smell of the grass, and he thought, ‘No, maybe it’s time to get back and start to learn more about soccer off the field.’ Then he did the coach course, and he became Castilla and youth teams coach for Real Madrid. Then after that he became the first-team coach.


"So I think that’s a good example for me, maybe, but now it’s not something I think about, but maybe in the future."