Premier Fustal: David Beckham and Kaka to play in India for the Premier and it is too reported that the legends are themselves interested in playing



The first ever Premier Fustal took place in the month of July 2016, which was a huge success and the next session will be commencing between the months of January to March, the following year. The management thought of expanding the league bringing in legends and stars.


Names like  Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Michel Salgado, Falcao and Hernan Crespo came to light which already increased the heart-beats of fans to be in the league and the extraordinary  announcement from the Managing Director and co-founder of Premier Futsal, Dinesh Raj is that David Beckham and Kaka are focusing on the league which will bring them to India by next year.


 “Beckham and Kaka are interested to play in Premier Futsal. It is not because of the money that they are coming. It’s about our vision which they are interested in. We can’t just bring them with money.” said Raj.


 Abhinandan Balasubramanian, CEO and co-founder of the league disclosed that there will be change of rules and most of the marquee players will be back in the game.


“Most of the marquee players from first season will return. However, it will also depend on if someone gets a managerial role,”

“This season, we will be making a few changes to the rules to make the game even faster. We are already in talks with multiple international Futsal Federations and several Futsal Clubs to reach out to a wider audience globally and consolidate our position as market leaders.” said Balasubramanian


There will be some major changes in the league but legend Beckham will steal all hearts and as the dates are approaching, fans are unable to control themselves from watching the player on the ground.