Juventus wants Madrid duo in place for Dybala

Real Madrid is ready to launch an advance for the Argentine star Paulo Dybala , but the Serie A giants handed their demands to Madrid if they want to get the service of the Argentine.

Juventus will let Dybala leave if they get Marcelo and Isco.

The Spanish giants are ready to build their team for the next campaign, and they have scouted the 25 year old Argentine as an ideal man to lead their attack from the middle but the Serie A giants Juventus will not let him go that easily.

Juventus has put a price tag of €120m for the superstar, but Madrid could easily knock that price down if they can offer some of their players whom Juventus are demanding.

Juventus wants Marcelo and Isco to be in their ranks so that there can be reunion for Ronaldo with his former team mates.