Juventus want Pogba back if Pajnic leaves

Football News: According to some transfer news this season Juventus will explore the deal to sign the French midfielder back from Manchester United if Pajnic leaves them.

Juventus is ready to resign Pogba from Manchester United.

This season the Serie A giants are ready to bolster their team’s option, this season they have signed the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and now they want to explore the Pogba deal with the EPPL giants and have him back in their squad if Pajnic leaves them.

This season Pajnic has been linked with a move away to Barcelona or in Manchester City, but now the midfielder wants to continue his football with the Old Lady side as they snatch Ronaldo from Madrid.

If some lucrative offer came for the Bosnian than Juventus will encash him and fund more money for an ambitious bid for the French superstar.