Juventus is willing to offer Ronaldo to Barcelona

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Cristiano Ronaldo has allegedly been offered to Barcelona in an electrifying move that would see him play close by Lionel Messi.

The previous Real Madrid charm could be on out from Juventus, after two seasons with The Old Lady – who are attempting to get his enormous £28m-per-year pay off their books, as indicated by Spanish columnist Guillem Balague.

He disclosed to the BBC that the Serie A bosses are urgent to send off Ronaldo because of his cosmic wages that they have been offering him out to Europe’s world-class, including Barcelona.

‘He’s been offered everywhere, including Barcelona,’ Balague told 5 Live Sport: I’m not sure if they can get rid of him easily with the kind of money he earns. Who is going to pay that kind of money?’ 

Ronaldo joined the Italian side from Real Madrid in 2018 with the club considering him to be the man to win them the Champions League.

Be that as it may, Juventus have gone out in the last 16 in both of the 35-year-old’s battles and they could be prepared to trade out.

Balague has uncovered the club are edgy to offload his wages and have ‘offered him all over the place, including Barcelona.’

It would be a stunning move thinking about Ronaldo’s status as a Madrid legend, just as the odds of him connecting up with Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo and Messi have been adversaries for the most recent decade with the pair exchanging Ballon d’Or win continually.

The pair have never played in a similar group together yet they’d strike dread into the core of any safeguard.

While an assaulting pair of Messi and Ronaldo has been an exhibition football fans have been shouting out for since the two of them reported themselves on the world stage around 15 years prior, it looks inconceivably improbable to turn into a reality this late spring.

Balague added: ‘We have seen this over the last months, we have seen links with Real Madrid, Madrid said “no chance! He’s not coming back.”

‘There have been talks about MLS et cetera, because Juventus wants to get rid of that wage. It’s as drastic as that.’ 

The Portuguese international took to Instagram following the news of Sarri’s sacking and posted an emotional message to his fans.

“The 2019/20 season is over for us, much later than usual but yet sooner than we expected,” he begun.

“Now it’s time for reflection, time to analyse the ups and downs because critical thinking is the only way to improve.

“A huge club such as Juventus must always think like the best in the world, work like the best in the world, so that we can call ourselves one of the best and biggest clubs in the world.

“Winning the Serie A once again in such a difficult year is something that we are very proud of. Personally, scoring 37 goals for Juventus and 11 for the Portuguese National Team is something that makes me face the future with renewed ambition and desire to keep doing better and better each year.

“But the fans demand more from us. They expect more from us. And we have to deliver, we must live up to the highest expectations.

“May this short vacation break allow us all to make the best decisions for the future and come back stronger and more committed than ever.

“See you soon!”

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