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Last night the Reds Liverpool side faced a defeat from the Southampton side in the EFL cup semifinal by 1-0.


The German manager of Liverpool thinks that now his crew tries to convert the chances into goals as much as possible.

Last night they faced a defeat at their home ground Anfield,in the dying Minutes the Southampton striker Shane Long scored the winning goal for the away side, and in aggregate they lost the match by 2-0.

And this is the second time the Reds are unable to secure their place to the finals as their counterpart Southampton team goes through to the Wembley stadium.

In that match the Liverpool side dominated the match in the second half and also created lots of chances, but fails to convert into goals and in that match there are many decisions were against them but the German coach knows why his team faced the defeat in both the legs.

Liverpool coach said: "We didn't score, that's it,"

"We could have scored four or five times in the second half.

"When we are part of things like a handball, it could be nice to hear a whistle from the referee. I don't know how often it has happened this season and usually we say nothing about it and you think 'after Man United, it was a clear offside goal and nobody says anything' and today, a clear handball and no one says anything.

"We need to score goals. We cannot compare this game to other games. Today, we conceded one after the counter-attack. In the first half, they had two or three good counter-attacks, but that's it.

"We played good football today so I am fine with the performance, I am fine with a lot of things but it's a cup game, nobody cares how you play, you have to win to get to the final."

In last night match Liverpool played on the front foot to equalize the goal, but they fail to do so and the coach thinks that they created more than enough chances to win the match.