The German manager Jurgen Klopp thinks that last night theirs (Liverpool) match against Everton where they manage to won the match by 1-0, that win they fully deserve.


Last night at Goodison Park the 24 year old Senegalese professional footballer Sadio Mané scored that goal for the Reds in the dying minutes and they earn three crucial away points from the match and with this three points the Reds are now reached at the second position on the EPL table but still they are 6 points aback form the Chelsea side.

In the first half the host Everton had their grip on that match and they dominated the first half after the break the away side ameliorate themselves and the English striker Sturridge ‘s shot hit the woodwork and Mane reacted to the ball and scored the goal for them.

According to Klopp he thinks they won the match as a deserve team.

The German manager voiced after that match:

"Enjoyed is maybe not the right word, it was quite intense and very, very happy after the game,"

"It was a deserved win in a difficult game. You saw the reaction of our supporters, so obviously they were happy too. It is the best thing you can do on a night like this.

"We did not give a lot of chances away, I can't remember one chance for Everton and whatever you want to do in a football game you need to be ready to respect what an opponent wants to do.

"And the plan of Everton obviously was wild football, so they were chasing us in the first half, man on man, man orientated in midfield. We could have done better, but it is really difficult to adapt to something like this quicker.

"I am pretty sure that in two or three months we can react to situations like this much better, maybe next week already, but today we are not surprised because we knew it. But we could not handle it, so we let us fix on one side, especially Dejan [Lovren] when he took the ball with the first touch.

"You have to play and let them run, then they lose being compact and then you can play channel passes. So we did that second half much better, let them run, play simple and quick football, created more chances and could have scored earlier. But actually I do not care when, I take it when it is and I think it was a deserved win."