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The Portuguese coach wants his other Manchester United player to score goals as urged the other players to easement the burden on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


In their last match the Manchester United side drew their match against Hull City and because of that draws their top four finish hope take a blow.

This season the Manchester United team drew more than 6 home games in the EPL and won 5 home games,

In their last 12 matches at Old Trafford they netted 17 goals.

In this season the Red Devils have been outscored by their rivals in the competition and Mourinho is frustrated because as they created so many chances in the match but fails to convert them into goals.

On this Mourinho says: "I have to agree with you that we don't score enough goals,"

"Some of our players from these attacking creative positions they could – they should – score more goals.

"I understand what you are saying. We attack so much and with so many players, and so many players have the freedom in our dynamic to reach scoring positions.

"When you see the number of goals we score, there is not a true relation between our attacking production and the number of payers we put in attacking positions and the number of goals we score."

This season Manchester United brought the new striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG, and the 35 year old is the highest goal scorer of the Manchester United squad, 

In this season he scored 19 goals in his 14 appearances for them.
And the other two players Paul Pogba and the Spaniard Juan Mata failed to score that much in this season, both of them scored four goals in the EPL.

Mourinho voiced: "When you speak about Zlatan's goals you should always add 14 goals and one penalty in 31 matches played in England in all competitions. You should always add that extra item.

"In almost every team the striker is the top scorer, I think so, unless you have another player with a special feeling to score goals coming from another position or you have another player scoring six seven or eight goals from penalties that is normal to happen."

The Manchester United team will play against the Reigning champions Leicester City in the EPL, and they are willing to win the match to secure their match for the top four places.

Mourinho voiced: "We are in the same position we were before that game,"
"We didn't get the three points we wanted, so it's simple.

"It was a bad result for us but it's exactly the same position which is try to win the next game. That's what we do for a long time

"Every draw we deserved a victory. We never had a draw where we could say we were lucky, we got more than we deserved. Always less than what we deserved. But the reality is the reality of the points and we lost the points."