The special one has embraced the defense of the Manchester United player Marcos Rojo after his, dreadful tackle on Wilfried Zaha.


Last in the match the Argentine defender Marcos Rojo jumped with his two foot on Wilfried Zaha during the match and he was lucky he not earned a direct red card for that tackle, the referee shown him a yellow card and he was lucky to escape with the yellow card.

In the recent past the 26 year old Manchester United defender made same kind of tackle on Everton player Idrissa Gueye riving in privation.

Last night in the first half he made the two footed studs up challenge on the Crystal palace striker Wilfried Zaha despite of that the Manchester United boss thinks that he is a clean player.

Mourinho voiced when he was asked about the challenge:

"No [I don't want to discuss Rojo's challenge],"

"I didn’t discuss Danny Rose’s tackle, I didn’t discuss David Luiz’s tackle, I won’t discuss Marcos Rojo’s tackle”

"[He's an] aggressive, clean player, playing the best moment in his career."

Crystal Palace gaffer Alan Pardew thinks that the tackle Rojo made on this player it was a hazardous, tackle to commit.

The Crystal Palace gaffer gave his opinion on that tackle: "His challenge was dangerous. I don’t want to lean on that though," Pardew told BT Sport after the game.

Alan Pardew also thinks the Referee should cancel the first goal that Manchester United scored against them should be disallowed.

He added: “He jumps two-footed, and we go to all these meetings where that’s a red card.

“The first goal was a call the linesman should have seen. I thought it was offside even from where I was standing.

"He [Pawson] refereed the game aggressively. A lot of fouls. It could have flowed a bit better.

"The players gave everything tonight. We have a big game on Saturday and we have to take what we can out of tonight."

Howard Webb the Ex premier league referee expressed his view on Rojo’s challenge:

“In this case he clearly uses excessive force and endangers Zaha’s safety. He has to learn. He can’t do that.”