The 53 year old Scottish professional football coach David Moyes return to the Old Trafford after April 2014, after just 10 months in charge with Manchester United.


The Portuguese coach persist that he was not encumber by the magnitude expectations at Old Trafford like his counterpart on Boxing Day.

In April 2014 the Scottish professional football coach and Sunderland A.F.C manager was sacked by the Manchester United side,

He spent only 10 months in charge with the Red Devils and after that this will be his second time he will return to the Old Trafford.

Under Moyes the Manchester United had a miserable season they finished seventh spot on that season and that’s why he was sacked by the Manchester United management.

This moment the Portuguese felt at home when they appointed him and he is be pleased to tack back them to the top.

Mourinho added: “I don’t feel it as a burden,”

“I feel the great history of the club as only a positive thing and not a negative thing.

“The problem is if you have the conditions to follow that success and history. And then that’s a different story.

“For me it was easy. A difficult job, but easy to feel at home. Easy to feel good in the club, easy to feel that the club wants to progress, the people want to be happy again and I felt good immediately.
“So, after five or six months here, I’m really feeling at home. For me it was quite easy.

“Obviously expectations are high, results are up and down, and we’re in a position that is not the position we want to be.

“But in terms of passion for my work, passion for my new club, and feeling really happy here, yes.”