This season the 35 year old Veteran striker is enjoying a wonderful season with the Red Devils and his Manchester United team mate Phil Jones says that what kind of impact he has made on the team.


Phil Jones the Manchester United defender thinks that the striker has silenced everyone who raised their fingers towards him before the season.

This season the Swedish striker has scored 26 goals for them in his 38 appearances for them and in their EFL cup finale, he has scored two goals for them and also the winning goal was scored by him.

The Manchester United director thinks that he has made a superb impact on their team of field and also in on the field and claims that he has been the perfect riposte.

Jones said: "He has been terrific,"

"He had a lot of doubters when he came, [whether he] could do it in the Premier League. He has quietened people down now.

"He is a fantastic character around the dressing room and he is a fantastic professional. He deserves all the credit he gets.

"He has great movement off the ball for how big he is. In the air he is hard to challenge against. He is a nightmare for defenders."

In his first season the striker has now won the EFL trophy with them and it is the first trophy for Mourinho as a united manager and now they are focusing on achieving more in this season.

Now recently the Manchester United defender Jones was sidelined because of his injury, but before that he made first team football under Mourinho.

About Mourinho the defender said: "He has given everyone a lot of confidence, including players who perhaps weren't playing as many minutes last season,"

"You see it in training, you see it in games. If you are enjoying your football, you see it on the pitch.

"I knew at the start of the season it would be difficult for me because I had been out last season but it was up to me to change that. He gave me the belief to go and do it.

"I feel good and am willing to fight for the cause."