The Blues captain want to aggravate his stay with his current club and want o win more title with them.


The former England international wants to Prolonged his carrier but he is in doubt whether he will stay or leave?  

There are news that The Blues will offer him a contract or if they don’t offer him a new contract he will go abroad for playing.

Now the Blues are sitting at the zenith of the table and for the few matches the Defender was sidelined because of his injury and without him the Chelsea is doing great with their defensive work they just concede one goal in their last seven matches and it is now hard for him to make his position on first team.

 If the Blues will let the defender leave then there are many clubs from China, Turkey are there to sign him and Then Terry can start his negotiation with them in this January transfer window.

The 35 year old defender is going to be 36 in the next month but he still believes that he has many things that he can offer to a club.

The Chelsea defender said that:

“I still want to play for a couple more years, whether that is here at Chelsea or somewhere abroad, I don’t know. It’s an option.

“I am contracted to Chelsea for this season and then will see after that. I’m doing my coaching badges. I don’t know if I want to be a coach but I want to do my badges and pass.”

The veteran defender has played more over 700 games for Chelsea and also he won four Premier league titles with them and also one champions league.

The defender added: 

“When I see other teams win it, it makes me feel angry, it makes me feel sick, you feel like you have let everyone down.

“I am where I am today because of that hunger. There were better players when I was younger but I wanted it more. It’s still there today, at the age of 35. You miss that feeling of being the champion, being the best. Nothing can ever replace that.