After the arrival of Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium, there is one of the major question arises that whether the City’s no. 1 goalkeeper Joe Hart has a future in the Manchester City or not.


The 45-years-old former FC Bayern Munich manager has already expressed that he wants a goalkeeper who is good with his feet and Guardiola don’t think that Joe Hart is that good with his feet. 

Pep Guardiola must tell the England shot stopper Joe Hart whether he has a future in the Manchester City or not.

Alan Shearer said, “Guardiola is authorized to select the team as he wants, but he must not string Hart along"

"If he tells Joe he is still part of his plans, but he is actually looking forward to bring another keeper, then I don’t think that is fair"

"Hart is a great man. He is not at City to sit on the bench. He has a big decision to make about his future and needs the boss to be straight with him"

"Hart has to get out of that and have a proper discussion with Guardiola about the way forward"

“As a player, it’s a hard to consider when your manager does not want you anymore”

“This is so worse feeling when the boss telling you to your face that you are not valuable to the club anymore and leaving you out of the team”

“The worry for Joe is that Guardiola could give him hope because he is not sure of getting the right replacement before 31 August”

“So the main problem is Manchester City do not get the man they wants and Hart stays, knowing that his new manager is not impressed with his game”

Alan Shearer believes that Joe Hart is much better than Willy Caballero, who has been replaced Joe Hart in a match between Manchester City beat Sunderland, as he said,

“I don’t believe Guardiola thinks Willy Caballero is a better keeper than Hart”