Joachim Loew Claims Germany Were Jinxed After Defeat against Mexico

Germany coach Joachim Loew said in the post-match conference that he believes that the defending champions were “jinxed” after they shockingly lost to Mexico.

Football news: Mexico’s Hirving Lozano scored the only goal which proved to be the difference

Germany, who are four times winner of the most prized trophy of football, has won their opening game in the previous seven straight World Cups, but failed to continue that streak yesterday.

Loew claimed that the defeat at the hands of Mexico, who is ranked 15th in the world, will not end the spell of Germany’s efforts to defend the title and will definitely bounce back before Saturday’s game against Sweden.

“Everybody is really unhappy and crestfallen but we have to put this behind us,” said Loew. “Our team has experience of losses.

“We had a couple of shots, but it seemed jinxed and the ball did not go into the goal.

"In the first-half we played very badly. We were not able to impose our usual way of playing, attacking, and there were lots of counter-attacks against us and we were very vulnerable.

"In the second half, we were able to press more, but Mexico drew back and then carried the ball forward fast.”

Lozano, who was the match-winner for Mexico, said after the match, “It's one of the biggest wins in Mexico's history, for sure and it's the best goal I've scored in my life.

“We all dream of playing in a World Cup and to start in such a positive and important way – I think it's my best goal by far.”