After you are done with JEE Mains, you will have very little time for your preparation.
All you need to do for starters, prepare a neat schedule for JEE Advanced.

1) Practice previous year questions
As the title is self explanatory, practice previous year questions for better idea of the exam pattern and difficulty level.
2) Time
Keep tracking how much time you are spending.
Chemistry: spend 1 minute per question
Reason – Questions are largely theory-based. For example, inorganic chemistry often asks theory based questions which can be easily solved at one glance, Eg, which is the most electronegative element.

Maths: Spend 2 minutes per question
Reason – Though some questions can be very difficult and require a lot of time, you should be able to identify (and save time in) those questions where you can use shortcuts.

Physics : Spend 3 minutes per question
Reason– The questions may not be as difficult as math as it depends on the student) but there are fewer shortcuts available. However, questions in physics tend to be similar.

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You should go through as per the Embibe’s recommendation.
If you are confident enough than you can take FULL TEST.
After the completion of each test, Embibe will give you the test feedback which tell your WEAKNESSES & STRONGNESS like how many CORRECT attempts, INCORRECT attempts, etc. you have done. This way you can measure yourself on test-on-test basis.

If you are not confident enough than you can LEARN on the particular concepts.
you can start practicing after learning any concept/chapter.

If you are little bit confident & not confident about taking the FULL TEST than you can do PRACTICE first.
In practice, you can take different level of practice sessions, example: Subject level, Unit level, Chapter level.