In their last match the Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane makes seven changes in his squad and now in their next match he is planning to do the same thing.


The 24 year old Colombian international thinks that the Real Madrid crew can cope with the Squad rotation of Zidane as many of the players are in form this season.

Today at late night the Real Madrid side will play against the Valencia side as they have two extra games in their hand than Barcelona.

In their previous match he made seven changes in the squad and he says that in the next match he wants to do so as they have many games ahead.

The 24 year old attacker James expecting to get the first team football in their match against Valencia as he started only four times for them in the La Liga this time.

He said: "Regardless of how many changes are made, we are all on good form and that is down to the fact that we have got such excellent players,"

"We are doing well, everyone is on good form and you can see that in the performances.

"We now face the rearranged fixture and we have got to go into it with real discipline and show great desire.

"It will be a significant game for us if we manage to take the three points. We know that we will have to start with real intensity and focus, so as not to be caught out."

So far now the Los Blancos side is one point clear from the Barcelona side and three points clear from the Sevilla side.