It’s time for some optimism at United: Mata

 Juan Mata thinks that the return of the great Norwegian means its times for some optimism at old Trafford.

Mata and whole Manchester is optimistic after the arrival of Solskjaer.

In the recent past the United midfielder wrote that is had been a different week in Manchester United in the regime of the new manager and he thanked his former manager for the trophies that they won together.

Under Solskjaer’s first match at United, they gone five past Cardiff in South Wales, and it’s the first time they have gone to that tally after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

In his previous blog after the defeat against the Reds he wrote nothing to share, and now his recent blog is possibly reflecting that the people’s mood at United is far more positive.

The Manchester United midfielder wrote: “The legendary Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is our new boss and we couldn’t have started off upon his return to the club in a better way,”

“It was a convincing win against Cardiff and it will raise morale going into the end of 2018 and the rapidly approaching new year. It is time to be optimistic, to look ahead and keep working hard to climb up the table.

“We are really motivated to do so while entertaining our fans, who deserve so much.

“To start off, we play on Boxing Day against Huddersfield. It is a date that reminds me of my first months in the Premier League some seven years ago, from that point it transformed into one of the best days of the year for me.