According to the Colombian striker the Ligue 1 side should have killed the game long back before Manchester City’s dramatic comeback in the game.


The Monaco forward Radamel Falcao believes because of lack of intelligence the Ligue 1 side lost their crucial match against the Manchester City.

In that match the 31 year old striker had an eventful night where he scored two brilliant goals for his side, but along with that he also misses one spot kick against the Manchester City goalkeeper Willy Caballero.

Despite he missed the penalty still his side were in front in the match by 3-2 goals,but in the last 19 minutes the Manchester City stole the match from them by scoring three goals in that time.

The attacker thinks that his side did not manage to handle the game at the closing stage of the match.

After the match he said: "It was a great disappointment, but we did not know how to kill the game,"

"Maybe we lacked a bit of intelligence. Coming up against players like that, they are unforgiving."

In that match the Monaco captain scored one brilliant goal by heading in the first half and in the second half cleverly with a chip over Caballero’s head.

This season the striker is back in his predatory form and scored 2 goals for his side in his 29 appearances.

The strike is being optimistic about their second leg game and thinks that they will be in the next stage.

He added: "It is still open for the return leg – nothing is finished. We believe we can do better at home and win."