The 31 year old Portuguese superstar’s performance against Celta Vigo has been questioned after he fails to net a single goal against them, but the French coach thinks that it is to be expected.


Zinedine Zidane the 44 year Real Madrid head coach backs his star man Cristiano Ronaldo from criticism after he fails to score against the Celta Vigo in their Copa Del Rey match.

In their last game the Spanish giants face a defeat from Celta Vigo by 2-1 goal, and the 31 year old Ronalod’s performance was anatomize in the recent game.

The French coach believes that the drop off in Ronaldo’s performance it is a normal thing and he believes the Ronaldo know how to tackle the critics.

Zidane said: "Cristiano will always be criticised: when he does not score, when he plays in a different position… He's used to it. He's focused on the Malaga match and nothing else,"

"He's always going to be the player who makes the difference for this team. Sometimes he can play worse; it used to happen to me. The important thing is to keep working."

The French coach was angry and frustrated towards some section of the Bernabeu fans who mocked the right full back Danilo in that match.

The Real Madrid coach voiced: "The criticism of Danilo is unfair,"
"It's not so much the fans, who aren't only booing Danilo. It's especially what they write about him – it's not fair.

"He's a professional, he always gives 100 per cent. He can do better, of course, like everyone."

In this recent past Madrid have faced back to back two consecutive defeats from Sevialla and from Celta Vigo and in this weekend they will host Malaga in the La Liga match, and surely they will try to reverse the situation from that match on.

Zidane added: "The good thing is that we have a game to change the situation. We've had little time to recover but we're ready,"

"The dressing-room is fine, we're not worried. 

"We're not going to go crazy. We're going to work to do things better. The only thing wrong against Celta was that they had two chances and we conceded twice.