It’s ridiculous- Neville

Football News: Former Manchester United star believes that the French midfielder is bringing criticism towards him by doing some off-field activities.

Manchester United News: Pogba is soliciting criticism by making some off-field decision.

Manchester United legend Gary Nevile derided Paul Pogba for dying his hair to Sky blue and white before their match Manchester City Yesterday. The French star has recently colored his hair into sky and white during the international break when he lined up for his country France.

However the color of his hair is drawn the midfielder into controversy as Manchester played their crucial match against Manchester City yesterday where they won the match against their city rivals on the back of Pogba’s shoulder, last night Pogba scored two goals for Manchester United in quick succession, and one goal from Smalling gave them the victory over their counterpart.

Though the former Manchester United star baffled with Frenchman’s decision, but he knows what impact he can create in a game for Manchester United. Neville added: “I’ll be honest with you, the problem is with Pogba – and I actually like him, I think he’s a good player and I think United are a better team with him in – is he doesn’t help himself,”

"I always think if you’re a wise individual, if you’ve got an element of sense about you, you just don’t draw attention when things aren’t going your way. You keep your head down, you work hard.

"That’s the basic premise that your parents will tell you, that your manager will tell you, that anyone will tell you.

"Pogba doesn’t work like that, he always wants attention. Pep Guardiola mentioned that his agent had offered him to Manchester City."