The Brazilian legend and FC Goa’s head coach Zico has expressed displeasure with the ISL referees after the 2-1 controversial defeat against Kerala Blasters on Wednesday evening.


Kerala Blasters and FC Goa have played one of the most exciting in this season of the INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE so far, but the Brazilian legend Zico is not happy with the result and the refereeing standards as his side suffered two red cards (Richarlyson and Gregory Arnolin) and lost the game even after taking the lead in the very beginning of the match with Rafael header, as in the second half Belfort scored a penalty to equalize the score for Kerala Blasters and then CK Vineeth scored the winner for the Blasters in the 9th minute of injury time.

After the match the 63-year-old Brazilian legend Zico was so furious with the match referee and with the two red card decision and according to Zico’s 50 years experience of football, it is such a shame that Indian Super League brings this kind of referees,

As Zico expressed displeasure with the referee,

“Not bad luck, what we saw here was a shame. These players worked very hard the whole week, they play very hard. They (ISL) bring referees from New Zealand to do these kind of things here. What can New Zealand teach football to the ISL here? The Brazilian referees that came here – they didn’t have any problems in the three games that they refereed.

“If you want to improve here [Indian Football], you have to bring referees from top countries like Spain, Italy. I lost a final last year because of a Japanese referee that didn't know how to referee.”

“Kerala didn't need any help. They came to Goa and beat us playing clean football. Now we come here, and they put this kind of referee – we don't need it, it's a shame. It's not fair to the professionals that are playing here. They have their families to maintain, and they have to suffer these kinds of things and behavior.”

“I'm 50 years in football – I have never seen such a shame, such a situation like this. It cannot happen like this. You're just faking situations for the fans that are here – because they are here (in the stands) they think it was real. They are happy, but this is not good, this is not football.”

“The ISL is so much more worried about other things – but these kind of situations, they are not worried. They are worried about what special news comes out of the dressing room – they didn't give a nice ground for us to practice here. They came to Goa, we gave everything. Now we played in this pitch here, and we didn't get anything.”

“Since yesterday what has been happening has been a shame. People are against Goa since the last season, but we're going to fight till the last minute.”

“Goa don't have the strength to fight, because everything is against Goa. They wanted it and it happened – because if Kerala didn’t score the goal, we would be playing with you now. They are always concerned about the fun – they are not worried about the referees.”

“Sorry, I just spoke from my heart, I wanted to say it.”