The 32-year-old Portuguese superstar and Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo has seen his attitude after he was substituted during their match against Athletic Bilbao.


The 27-year-old Real Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez says that it is perfectly normal Ronaldo to get angry when he is taken off of the field.

The Real Madrid superstar show his anger when he was substituted by Zidane in their match against Athletic Bilbao,


But the Real Madrid side won that match by 2-1 goals against their counterpart.

It is suggested by the Spanish media that after being substituted Ronaldo said to his coach that: "why f****** me?" as he walked off, although the head coach later denied that the 32-year-old forward was particularly upset.

Nacho defends the Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo and said other players did the same thing when they were substituted in a match and said: "It's normal to get angry. Cristiano gets angry when he's replaced, just like Isco or anyone else does.

"It's important because that character is good."

The defender also accolades about BBC and he thinks together  they put a great display in their last match against Athletic Bilbao,
He added: "The BBC are very important,"

"They've given us trophies. They may have had some good times and some that were a little worse, but for us the BBC are vital."

The Real Madrid stopper Kaylor Navas also played brilliantly in that match and in the second half he made a number of crucial saves for them.

In the recent past, there were some questions arose on his performance for them but the defender thinks that Navas has done a fine job and he showed a mental abidance to come over a tough spell.

He voiced: "I heard him say that Madrid players are in the spotlight and it's true,"

"When you have a game that isn't so good, you're a target for criticism. 

"Keylor is very calm, he works every day. We all have bad days. He looks strong to me. You have to be strong psychologically and Keylor is.

"He's had two very good games and so he can take a break with the national team."