The 33 year old French international is expected to be benched for two weeks and because of that he could not take part in Bayern’s Champions league match.


The German international and Bayern Munich goalkeeper says that the it is hard to find someone in place of Ribery in their team right now, as he has picked up an injury.

In the training ground the French star got a hamstring injury because of that he have to take off his sleeves for at least two weeks and he is likely to miss their next Champions league encounter against Arsenal.

Neuer added: "It's difficult to say you can replace Franck Ribery one on one with another player,".

"Every player has different skills. But we are FC Bayern and we know we have a great and talented squad.

"Of course we are disappointed about the injury of Franck Ribery. However, we will have a great team on the pitch."

In 2017 the German Champions, are back on the right track and they are and they won their last match against Werder Bremen by 2-1, but the goalkeeper thinks that they are still performing below their belt.

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper voiced: "It was not our best performance and we didn't play at our best. So we couldn't play our game with quick and short passes,"

"We had a lot of space between the different parts of our team on the pitch so generally our organization was not so good.

"In quick counter situations we were vulnerable. These are the things we have to improve and we work on every day."

On the other hand the German international Holger Badstuber will be against his own team in the Bayern Munich next match, 

Badstuber suffered injury in the early season and after that this season he was with Schalke, he joins them for a loan,

In their next match Bayern Munich will face the Schalke .

Neuer voiced: "We are still in touch and chat sometimes, especially before our games,"

"I wish him all the best. Unfortunately he has not been on the pitch for Schalke but I hope he will play against us.

"I root for him in the next games, of course not for the game against us, but for the rest of the season.

"I hope he receives as much time on the pitch as possible and comes back stronger."