This might be last season of the ISL in a three months tenure league because as of the sources and meetings are concerned it will move forward to go on for a longer format unlike other leagues in the world.




Indian Super League popularly known as ISL is a very much popular league that has flagged its existence in only 2 years, this is the third season of ISL. It was mainly started with an intent to make the game popular in the 2nd most populous country in the world.



If we compare ISL with the other leagues it is a very shorter format of the game that generally lasts for 3 months unlike other leagues that eventually half a year to complete its process.


ISL is also became famous in India as there are response from people like the Indian Premier League (IPL), because the short tenure leagues have already gained much popularity in India.



The main aim of this was to get recognized by people and to ensure a sense of interest in the minds of the people, so it was designed in such a way that it can be operated by our smartphones or electronic devices.



And now as of the statistics say it is the 4th most attended league in the world.


The objectives and plans that have been made to achieve during the tenure is read out as follows.



“The clubs are obliged to carry development activities in form of grassroots development and infrastructure refurbishment. Each club is to activate the communities in their respective areas through grassroots activities starting from the first year, followed by having youth teams in third year and residential academies in fifth year,” it read.



Praful Patel said that it took 2 years to make FIFA understand about ISL and about their long tenure consent.


“The league is aimed at providing a holistic development of football in the country and creating an efficient ecosystem that provides to the betterment of other leagues and the national team,” it further mentioned.