Indian Super League: East Bengal Ready to pay to enter the ISL

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The Kolkata Giants East Bengal club is ready to pay a reasonable price to book their spot in the Indian Super League in the next term.

The Legendary club officials concise the FIFA-AFC members about their heritage, legacy and their contribution to the Indian football.

 Indian super league spokes In the recent past two member team from FIFA AND AFC visited East Bengal, Mohammedan Sporting, and Mohun Bagan.
And AIFF members associated them to have a look at those clubs’ infrastructure.

The Kolkata Giant Club officials pointed their view in front of them and they also alluded that they only one single top league in India where they would participate.

The East Bengal Club officials Debabrata Sarkar voiced: “We said we want one single league operating with 18 teams which will have promotion and relegation system. We also told them about the club’s legacy and our contribution to Indian football in the past 98 years.

“We clearly mentioned that there is no question of paying an exorbitant franchise fee. We can pay an entry fee provided it is reasonable.”

According to the Indian super league norms if a club is willing to play then they have to pay a huge amount of money for participation and this season the Bengaluru FC joined the Indian Super League competition after spending four seasons with the I league.