Indian Super league: Did not expect this from ATK-Sheringham


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Last night in the Indian super league the former Manchester United man faces first defeat  but he accolades about the ATK’S goalkeeper Debjit Das.

Last night the two times Indian super league champions ATK were dished out in their hom turf against Pune City.

Last night in their home Turf the Indian super league giants ATK conceded 4 goals against Pune City, and the score line made Teddy Sheringham a hard pill to swallow.

After the match the new ATK coach said: "They capitalised on our mistakes but we couldn't do the same. Big margin at the end but it was a closely fought match. We came back in the match in the second half but their second goal brought back the pressure"

In the 13th minutes the home side conceded the first goal and it was Mercelinho who score the first goal in the match for Pune city. In the 50th minutes ATK managed to labeled the score line but soon after that they conceded another goal and after that another two more.]

ATK coach stated: "We were back in the game with a fantastic free-kick from Bipin. But we switched off after that. There were no markings. I don't expect this from the players. Pune had far too easy from the left side. I am very disappointed.


"We defend as a team, we attack as a team. When we concede it's not just the defenders of goalkeepers. That comes as a unit. You cannot blame and point fingers," the former Spurs striker made his feelings known.


"You cannot blame Debjit (Majumder) completely. First one Marcelinho was unmarked. The second goal was a deflection. Third, he had no chance. The fourth was a deflection too I think. So I don't think Debjit can be blamed"

In their next match ATK will face Jamshedpur FC on December 1st.