Improve Boss and Employee Interaction with a Round of Rummy

If you are the boss at your office and wish to break the ice between the boss and the employees, Indian rummy can help you cast the spell. Most employees who work in office are disciplined and scared too. They decide a code of conduct that is ideal for the office setting and continue to live by it. However, this prevents the employees to be frank or open in office. If you wish that your employees should loosen up a bit, organise some fun rummy events that everyone enjoys.

Organise Rummy Parties at Home

A rummy party at the boss’ home is the best way to make employees feel free. Make sure you arrange for good food and drinks. Arrange a few rounds of Indian Rummy game where everyone gets an opportunity to participate. You can make it even more fun by keeping some prizes for the final winner. This will add a competitive edge to the whole session.

Organise Rummy Breaks in Office

While rummy parties are elaborate, there is no guarantee everyone will join you. Another way to make the employees feel free even during office hours is through short rummy breaks. The game of rummy is known to be one of the best stressbusters. Arrange for short rummy breaks during tea time. Play a few rounds of rummy with your employees when you get a chance to interact with them too. This will surely help to break the ice with time.

Let Your Employees Know There is a Fun Side to You

In any rummy event that you organise, you need to forget the role of a boss that you so often take in office. You need to be one among them if the occasion should fulfil its purpose. If you are a bad player, do not hesitate to play because you will fail. You may even come up with your own rummy tales of how you played with friends and dear ones. Share memories and incidents of past that make them feel you have a human side too.

Speak Out Your Mind During Rummy Sessions

When you play rummy with a subordinate and observe he is good at the game, say so. Appreciate his tricks and strategies. Accept that you wished to have the same skills as him. Speak your mind out when you see some unique move in rummy. Speaking up helps to build a rapport with your subordinates and this is something that will never happen in the formal office settings.

Use Rummy as a Stress Buster                                              

All office employees get worked up after a point. They all need regular breaks if they should perform well. Otherwise, stress builds up which prevents them from working effectively. Rummy is a very good stressbuster. It helps one divert his mind from more stressful activities and concentrate completely on the game. Thus, including rummy games as a fun activity in your office can help your subordinates combat with work stress. This is necessary if you want the productivity of your team to increase.

The relation between a boss and an employee should be nice if the employee should stick to the firm for long. You can bridge the gap between you and your subordinate by playing rummy games with him. If you wish to furnish your own rummy skills before playing with him, go for rummy game free download from Khelplay Rummy so that you may enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.