Zaltan Ibrahimovic wants to train Marcus Rashford



Manchester United’s first signing of this summer transfer was Zalatan Ibrahimovic. Now he desires to train the youngster of his team, Marcus Rashford. Ibra belives that the boy has a great future if he could get in safe hands. Zaltan wants to take the 18-year-old’s charge on him so that he can change the youngster’s coming days.


Rashford entered the team after impressing Van Gaal with his tremendous performances which led him to be a part of England's squad for Euro 2016. The forward netted 5 in 11 appearances and will now be pairing with Ibrahimovic .


"I can do a lot for the young players," said Ibra to Sky Sports.


"I have been at the top for 10-15 years, I have played for clubs that players could only dream about and I have won with every club I have been at. I have played with big champions, big quality, top players, this is something I have brought with me and I give to the younger players. This ability, the focus, what they need to do, the demands of a player.”


"I see Rashford as a huge talent, I have been here two weeks and I also saw him last season. I get to see him live every day now and he is the future of England. He just needs to keep working hard, keep focusing and everything will come by itself.


"I got help from many players. I remember I went to Juventus where all the big stars were, I saw the way they were behaving, training, how professional they were, how they were eating. You study all the small details and start to do the same. Then you become one of them." The player added.