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The veteran striker agrees with his coach’s assessment but today they will try to rebound against the Chelsea side.



The Swedish striker avouched that his Mourinho has the authority to criticize them as they wasted many chances in their last game against the Anderlecht in Europa league.

In that match, United created many opportunities against their counterpart but they were unable to convert them into goals, only one goal was scored by Henrikh Mkhitaryan but they failed to score a second goal and in the dying minutes of the game they concede one goal.

Mourinho blames the attacker after that match and the Veteran striker now acknowledges they should have done better.

Ibrahimovic said: "I think he is right in this matter because I was not feeling good in the sense of I was feeling tired,"

"But it is not an excuse because I still have to do well, I still have to do much more and much better than I did. I speak for myself and [Anderlecht] was not a good performance.

"We have one month to go, it is many games we play. I have been playing almost all the games.

"But we are still grinding, we are still pushing because we have the Europa League and the end of the Premier League. We fight for it."

United will face the Chelsea side today in the Premier league and though the striker is confident about his side but still he agrees that an acid test is waiting for them.

He voiced: "I think they are a good team. Overall a good team and then of course they are playing once a week which makes a difference also because at the end of the season, I do not know how many games we have in total but I think we have much more than them,"

"They have not been playing in Europe this season and they went out from the League Cup early. But they have a great team, or else they would not be number one.

"I think our unbeaten league run is nothing we focus on. I would prefer to be first in the league and not having this record. It does not give us anything, this record."