After involved in a heated exchange with the Manchester United’s striker during Thursday’s Europa League clash, the Denmark international and Fenerbahçe S.K. defender Simon Kjær expressed that Zlatan is chest-puffing type of player, who is arrogant.


During the Thursday night clash between Fenerbahçe S.K. and Manchester United, the Denmark defender was involved in disagreement with the United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic where Zlatan grabbed his him by the throat but the referee did not take any action at the time.

And now it seems the incident was noted by the fourth official, 

But the 27-years-old Danish defender did not see any reason for him to be charged. According to him he had to mark Ibrahimovic “as tightly as possible” and to give him as little space as possible so he believes that this is a part of football so he didn’t take it too seriously and also expressed that this is not the first time he played against Zlatan Ibrahimovic so he knows Zlatan very well, so he believes that there is no reason for him to be charged.

As Simon Kjær said in an interview with the Swedish Channel 9,

"I actually didn't hear what he said but I do know that he wasn't happy,"

“But that's the way I know him from the pitch.”

"He is the kind of chest-puffing player, who is arrogant. That is his way of playing.”

“My way of playing is to mark him as tightly as possible and to give him as little space as possible, because he is a good player.”

“It is a part of football and I don't take it too seriously. It's not the first time I've played against him and I know how he reacts. It is not a problem. It is, like I said, a part of the game.” He concluded.