This season the 35 year old Swedish striker has been in a fine form for the Red Devils and the special one is determined to keep him fit for the rest of the season.


The special one thinks any kind of injury to the attacker would illustrate a Disaster for the Manchester United.

This season the Vetren striker has joined the Manchester United side from the French capital PSG on a free transfer and he his producing some excellent football for them,

So far the striker has made 18 appearances for the Manchester United side and scored 12 goals for them.

The Portuguese manager accolades about the 35 year striker after seeing his performance for them.

Jose Mourinho believes that the Swedish striker have to work hard for goals in the premier league then the likes of Ronaldo and Messi have to do in the Spanish La Liga.

In an interview the Portuguese manager added: "A disaster,"

"Obviously it would be a disaster, but that is football. [The goals he has scored] are not a surprise.

"In Spain, Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo] have a lot of penalties to score. They are phenomenal players with lots of penalties to score goals. 

"Here, Zlatan has 18 matches and one penalty. It is not so easy to score goals."

Mourinho is concerned about what if happen if Ibrahimovic pick up an injury but still he is adamant that he will not buy another striker in January.

He added: "We are not going to do that,"

"We have Zlatan, Rooney, Rashford and Martial, who can also be a number nine in a different style.

"We have a squad of 24 players. I know we have a lot of competitions to play but where is the striker to come here with that quality to play for United? 

"Where is that striker, where the club can let him come?

"That is not something for the January market, it is probably something for the summer."