Last season with the former PSG team-mate of Ibrahimovic Benjamin Stambouli expresses that the former teammate the Swede often makes jokes about his status in France.


The former PSG man Stambouli revealed that this is not the first time in Manchester United the Swedish striker has taken the opportunity to refer him as a god.

In the beginning of this season when the Swedish striker joined the Manchester United side he declared that he would trump the status of King Cantona at the Old Trafford.

And this season so far he has scored 28 goals for his side and he is the highest goal scorer for the Manchester United side.

In PSG he was more talismanic as in his PSG days he scored 156 goals for them in his 180 appearances.

Srambouli said: "We were with the physios, getting a massage, TV was on. Zlatan was injured at that time but expected to play the next match.

“Suddenly the headline 'Zlatan, the Return of the King' appeared on TV. 

He asked me to translate this for him. I am pretty sure he knew what it meant. I translated the sentence and he said 'Benji, what the hell is this? I'm not the king – I am God!' And we both laughed hard about this.

“It's like a little game he plays with his teammates, with the whole world. Even when you've got to know him, there's still something mysterious that surrounds him."

"Zlatan is very intelligent. You even notice that on TV, when you see him play. In his private life, it's even more so.

“He has a good and fast knowledge of people, he's extremely charismatic und very dominant at the same time. Nevertheless, he jokes about this. He laughs about his reputation but he is very confident."

Last season when the Ibrahimovic leaves the PSG side with him Stambouli also packs his bags and leaves the PSG side and join the German side Schalke side.