Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still keeping his head high and he is still not ready to give in yet as he thinks is still in the hunt to win everything that is possible for them.


The 35 year old Swedish international is completely focused on giving Manchester United the fourth coveted trophies and he has helped his side to make one step forward by scoring a hat trick against Saint-Etienne in the Europa league round of 32.

Zlatan knows what is at stake here as the future of winning an EPL title this season is looking far and far out, 

The Manchester United Ace striker thinks that they have plenty to gain as they are taking on Blackburn Rovers on Sunday in the FA cup fourth round, and in the EFL cup final against Southampton.

Let alone the fact that they have already put Community Shield in their bucket.

Ibrahimovic said: "We created good chances,"

"It was important to get a good win at home and we bring it with us in the second leg. It was a good game but I think we can do better.

"Every time I've played against Saint-Etienne, with hard work there has been a couple of goals. I've scored a couple of goals and hopefully I can do the same next week.

"We're winning but in a short time everything can change. It's important to keep getting the wins we need. Everything can change but we're happy at the moment.

"If you look at the Premier League, the first four who go into the Champions League, one will become a champion and the rest maybe will not win a trophy.

"We're still in all four. The fifth, the Community Shield, we've already won. If we don't win the Premier League, we get some other trophies. That's good, also."

Ibrahimovic is really satisfied with his Hat trick performance in the first leg but he also is fully aware that they cannot be complacent since they still have another round to play for.

He added: "It feels good,"

"I think most important was to bring a good result for the second leg.

"We did an okay game but we could have done more. We created chances and I got the three goals, so thanks to my team-mates.

"It's a good result because I know how difficult it is to play over there. They have a fantastic crowd. It was important to get a good result."