The 35-year-old Veteran striker has scored 26 times for the Manchester United squad and the others strikers of Manchester United are yet to reach double figures. 


According to the former Liverpool defender, the 35-year-old fort man is embarrassing the rest of the Manchester United strikers. In the beginning of the season, the Swedish striker joined the Manchester United side and after they are relying on the Superstar for a moment of inspiration.

 This season also in the EFL cup final the Swedish striker scored the winning goal for the Red Devil side and because of his wonderful performance he collects accolades from everywhere,

 But his others colleagues Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Wayne Rooney the trio yet to reach the double figures this season.

 The Former Liverpool defender said: "Zlatan has that personality and presence but I feel it's a bit embarrassing for those other players that 

they need a 35-year-old centre-forward,”

"It's a big worry, the fact these young players go in there and can't seem to cope, it doesn't bode well for them and I think that's Mourinho's frustration. 

"When you play at the top level, if you get a chance you must take it."

The youngster’s Martial and Rashford both of them scored seven goals for the Red Devils side in this season in all competition so far and on the other side,

 Wayne Rooney has scored only five goals for them and this season he became United’s all-time leading goal scorer. And the Swedish striker is tied up with the Manchester United side for 12 months and there is speculation is going on as he will stay with them or he will leave the club. 

Carragher added: "They need quality, more subtlety and more killer instinct in the final third. The positive is he knows where to improve. 

He needs players capable of winning matches for him. The ones currently up top are not doing that.

 "I think he's lining it up. You think about the sales of Morgan Schneiderlin and Memphis Depay for around £40m. "There's talk of Antoine Griezmann and I'm sure other clubs will be after him as well, 

but Jose must be lining up for another big summer. "It's not just the attack because there are some shortcomings in defense too. They need a centre-back, they need a holding midfielder. I think five or six will come in, with two or three going."