The former Swedish international Svensson did not aggress the way his countryman behaves with the other players but the player appreciates about his merit.


This season the former Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic receives accolades from his team mates as a beneficial personality in the dressing room,

But his countryman Anders Svensson believes that he can be a complete idiot.

Player like Juan Mata and Marcos Rashford has spoken about Ibrahimovic’s impact on the dressing room since he has joined them in the beginning of the campaign.

The veteran striker is in a great shape for the Manchester United side as this season he has scored 26 goals for them in his 40 appearances.

But Ibrahimovic’s countryman Svensson believes that there can also be negative impact on the dressing room when you have a character like Ibrahimovic.

Anders Svensson said: "He can be as nice as anything one moment and then the next be a complete idiot,"

"Occasionally he behaved so badly with some players that you wondered what actually happened.

"I think he wants to test new players. It's like he wants to break them down to see what they can do.

"It might be how he himself became so good, but I cannot say I believe in that model.

"There has never been anything between him and me. I think he always had respect for those of us who were a little older."

Anders Svensson also agrees that the skill the ability what Ibrahimovic has got that can’t be denied.

He voiced: "Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a fantastic player, no one can take that away from him"