Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s partner Helena Sager looks so unhappy while moving to another hotel just after one hour of checking in, at hotel Lowry, Manchester.

 The 34-year-old PSG star recently moved to English side club Manchester United for the upcoming season of Premier League 2016/17. He has already started his training season with the new club, but it seems like moving home is not a happy moment for Ibrahimovic’s family.

Ibrahimovic’s glamorous partner arrived in Manchester with the couple’s children and with lots of their luggage where the Swede's football gear were also seen and they checked in at the hotel Lowry.

But just an hour after checking in at the five star hotel, Ibrahimovic’s family spotted leaving the hotel with all their luggage. This switching of hotels makes the forward’s partner so distasteful, as she spotted while moving from hotel Lowry with her unhappy face reaction.

The hotel Lowry said “no comment” on this switching of hotels, when they were being asked the reason behind the exit of the new Manchester united star from the hotel Lowry.