I will stay at Manchester City and Messi with Barcelona: Aguero

Football News: Apart from the International football, Aguero does not expect to play alongside with his countryman Lionel Messi at club level.

I will continue my football in England.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero dismissed the fact to play side by side with his compatriot on the club level, he avouches that Aguero will continue his football with Manchester City and Messi will stay at Barcelona.

Right now Aguero is focusing on the upcoming world cup event, and this season he has won the EPL silverware with the Sky Blues but the Argentine striker is still linked with a move away from the Manchester City side.

Aguero’s future is pretty unsure with the English giants as Barcelona’s pursuit of the Atletico Madrid man Antonio Griezmann, so his former club can be his next possible destination.

But the question asked of him whether is there any chance to play alongside with his compatriot on a club level, Aguero voiced: "Sincerely, before there was that possibility.

"It is now a question of age for both him and for me. He is going to stay at Barcelona, where he's playing well, and I'll do so at City."

This season the Argentine star Aguero has scored 30 goals for Manchester City in all competitions.