The 30 year old central back bunch over an antagonist late in the match materially cost the Spanish side all the three points at Turin.

The Real Madrid man strap out the critics after the spot kick he gave away cost the La Roja side victory in their world cup qualifiers in against Italy.

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon made an error in the 55th minute in the match and Spanish winger Vitolo scored the goal for them and give them a lead by 1-0 at Turin.

The 40 year old raced out from his spot to clear the ball and he missed the ball and failed to connect with the ball and the Sevilla man guided the ball into the goal.

The Italian side recovers when the Spanish defender tackled the Italian Eder into the box and gave them a penalty away and the Roma man Daniele De Rossi converted the spot kick.

Ramos: "The difference between Spain and Italy is that when Buffon, who is an idol, makes an error he is applauded. In Spain, you are booed.

"Those criticising me now should enjoy themselves, because I'm going to shut them up in the end."

"I'm proud of the match, not the penalty. The level of intensity we showed was very high. They took advantage of their strengths," he added.

"We drew against a top national team, we noticed a big change compared to what was seen at the European Championship."