The Portuguese manager might have “bench plan” for his skipper but he has no intention to sell him.

Mourinho said that Rooney was never on my bucket list of selling players.
Rooney has been sitting on the bench for the last three matches though he participates in Manchester’s 4-1 conquering Fenerbahce on Thursday.

The 31 year old’s plan of sitting ducks has elevated rumours that the club might use him to cash in on some money as some Chinese clubs shown keen interest on him.

But in light of his achievement as a Manchester United player Mourinho wants to give him his due respect by not putting him on the selling list.

"No, never. I will never make that decision," he told Sky Sports News. "A player of his stature, a player of his history in the club will never get to a point where the club or manager want to make that decision for him
"I put him on the bench for three matches in a row. That is hard for him,

hard for me, so that is being ruthless, to put in my mind the interests of the team in front of the player, prestige, status. In this case even a legend. To put on the bench a player with the numbers he has for club and country is hard.

"But as we were saying before, this is an industry where the people who lead, sometimes in a correct decision, sometimes not correct decisions, but in our mind the decisions we think is the best for the team."

Explaining his below par performance in recent past Mourinho said that Manchester’s previous coach Louis Van Gaal along with England’s Roy Hodgson used him in unusual positions which actually resulted in his downfall.

"I think it then created a bit of a doubt in relation to his role, to his position, to his future and I think players especially in moments of less confidence, they need to be clear in his head," he said.

"He cannot be jumping from number six to number nine, or number nine to number 10, or number nine to number six. For me, he is an attacking player.

"Play number six, play in midfield, not with me unless we need it and unless we ask him to do that, but with me, I want the ideas completely clear. He is a second striker, plays behind the striker or as a striker. That's what I think is Wayne Rooney."