I will get a forehead tattoo if Croatia wins the world cup: Rakitic

Football News: The Croatian midfielder joked that if his country wins the showpiece event this time then he will ink his forehead.

Rakitic ready to ink in his forehead for the world cup.

This world cup, Ivan Rakitic is having a great time with his country along with his midfielder duo Luka Modric, and the Barcelona man avouches that he would mark his country’s success in a different manner if they can able to defeat France in the final.

Rakitic told to reporters that he would ink his forehead if they can claim the world cup, and he voiced: "On my forehead!"

"There's plenty of space there, as you can see! But first I'll have to ask my wife.

"Frankly, I have this feeling there will be hundreds of millions rooting for us. I've had messages from Argentina, Spain, Germany, all four corners of the world. It's fantastic.

"What really makes me happy is people said they could never imagine celebrating a goal scored as if it had been scored by their own national team. It goes to show we're deserved finalists, we want to show the world we play as one and we'll leave everything on the pitch."

In their all three knockout matches Croatia gone to extra time, where they emerged as the winner in Penalties against Denmark and Russia and won the semi-final in the extra time with Mandzukic’s goal.

And Rakitic disagrees with the suggestions that Croatia could face tiredness against France who got an extra day rest after their semi-final.

Rakitic said: "There will be excess energy, don't worry about that. This is an historic game, not just for us but for everybody who is Croatian,"

"There are 4.5 million players on the pitch. We will carry one another. We know this is the biggest game of our lives and we want to leave the pitch with our heads held high and say we did everything.

"You only need to look at the footage coming from Croatia. This joy felt by people there from day one, when we departed for Russia, was incredible. You can't put it into words. The unity, the pride, it's incredible. I think we all deserve this.

"It doesn't only concern the 23 players, our coach, the staff, the physios, doctors, journalists, but the 4.5 million people back home. It's incredible pride and joy. We were lucky to reach the final but we've shown this kind of commitment in each game. If there was a stadium big enough for 4.5 million people, it would be full."