The Portuguese Superstar has com front of the critics and he realized that this season he is not in that good from that everyone expects him all the time and also he tells others that he is still same confident as he is by the years.

It is a Cristiano Ronaldo news.

The Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo persist that he don’t bother about what the critics are saying about him instead of that he is full of confident enough about himself that he will come back into his extraordinary form in any days.

In this season the 31 year old only netted two goals for his club side in his last six games last month and few matches ago he was mocked by the Real Madrid fans in their match against Atletico Bilbao where he missed a couple of chances and could not deliver what he is capable of.

After that he proves everyone what he is capable of by scoring three goals against Alaves in the Spanish league but after that again he did not find the net in the last two matches and again the critics are up against him.

The Portuguese captain signed a new deal with the Los Blancos sin Monday until 2011.

And he express that :

"Sometimes when I don't score I might come across as somebody nervous or anxious, but I'm used to scoring so many and when you don't score things go through your mind,".

"But I'm on the crest of a wave and I'm overjoyed. On the back of my last season, winning the Champions League with Real Madrid, winning the European Championship and signing a five-year deal with Real Madrid, what can I say, this is a dream year, unbelievable. Something I thought was impossible.

"I think this is such a special occasion that looking at whether I scored or not in a particular game isn't important.

"I know that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a month's time I'll be the same Ronaldo as always, I'll be here defending the colours of this club."