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The 24 year old Egyptian footballer is hoping to see himself in the starting lineup for the Gunners, but he wants to stay with them and icon status.


The 24 year old only played 12 months in the English Premier league but he wishes to be an Arsenal legend.

In 2016 Elneny moved to the Emirates stadium from Basel.

During the first year the Egyptian international only make 16 appearances for them in all the competition.

This season he has made 19 appearances for them and among them six in the English premier league starts.

The Egyptian midfielder thinks that he is a capable player of himself and also thinks that he has set a high target for himself.

In an interview he added: “I want to be a legend at this club,”

“Like Thierry Henry. I mean, obviously not exactly like him. I have my own personality, my own character. I want to be different to anyone that’s gone before.

“But since I got here, I’ve always had that in mind. I wanted to become an Arsenal legend.”

The 24 year believes that his team mates the atmosphere and the Arsenal camp will help him to reach his goals.

He added: “It’s been a great year for me. Playing in England, at one of the best five clubs in the world.

“Since I arrived, I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. Not just playing for the club, but the country itself. The friends I’m making, the supporters. The whole atmosphere around the football. It’s been one of the best years of my life.

“In Basel I gained experience. But when I came to England, and Arsenal, I adapted so quickly because I felt straight away it was like a family, a whole big family. You are someone new, but they embrace you. They bring you in.

“Everyone loves each other. When you feel like people love you, and they want you around, that makes you adapt quickly, you enjoy being there.”

The 24 year old currently playing with him national team in the Africa Cup of Nations.